Got Cash?

Many of our customers opt to pay for their building in a single transaction. However, not all of us can do that, especially when it comes to a significant investment like a metal building. As we all know, financing is a great way to build up that credit!

Here Are A Few Financing Tips

Avoid Delays

Residential and employment information must be 2 years. if you have not been at either for at least 2 years please list a previous location. By doing so, it will avoid delays in the process.


If you are using a spouse or family member’s income, they must be used as your co-buyer. Co-buyers have the same requirements and must give 2 years at their residence & employment.

Interests Rates

Interest rates on the loan depend on the credit score, debt to income ratio, loan amount, and loan terms. This is not one set rate for everyone. All decisions involving the customer’s interest rate & approval are based on those 4 pieces of information and will be determined by the financial institution.

Rent To Own

The Rent-To-Own Program is simple – to help you create the metal building of your dreams. GrreenSky® loans are an easy and convenient way to pay for a Metal Building, Carport, Shed.

  • Fast approvals
  • Credit limits up to $55,000
  • No down payments or upfront fees
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Friendly customer service
  • Multiple ways to make a payment

Apply Online – you will need our Merchant ID 81036222 & plan #2729
Apply by Phone: 1+(866) 936-0602
Mon-Sat: 6am – 1am (ET)
Sunday: 8am – 12am (ET)


Need Financing? Let us pre-qualify you to start the process of your application. Not sure how much you need? Call us at (800) 313-2046 or request a custom quote. One of our building specialists will assist you with an exact price for your specific needs.

CSB Direct Credit Application

  • Citizens State Bank will set the terms
  • 9.5% to 17.95% depending on your credit application
  • Own property where carport will be installed
  • $1,000 – $25,000 financing amount (before tax)
  • 3 – 48 hrs. Approval or denial
  • Must have order contract before applying.

Click this link to download the credit application CSB Credit Application. Complete the application and email it with your signed contract to your Building Specialist.

Important CSB Terms:

Once the contract is submitted, no revisions can be made. If revisions must be made, the customer must submit another application and return credit or pay the difference up front. If a customer wants to make modifications and the order is already with the scheduling department. That difference, the customer is adding to the balance due would have to be on a SEPARATE SALES ORDER & CONTRACT.  (This is so that the customer does not have to go through the finance procedure once again)

If the customer chooses to finance a different amount than the previously approved. The customer is to understand that the order will be pulled from scheduling and put on hold until a full decision is made on the new financed amount.

We hope this information can be useful for your future purchase. If you have more questions about financing please give us a call, one of the representatives will be happy to help you with all your doubts.