Metal Carports

Most Metal Carports are referred to by the roof style that is on the carport. The most common roof styles are:

  • Standard Roof or Regular Roof comes with horizontal roof panels only.
  • A-Frame or Box Eave Roofs and can be ordered with a horizontal or vertical roof system.
  • Hexagon or Gambrel Roof and can be ordered with a horizontal or vertical roof system.
  • Lean-To structures are commonly used to expand or extend a metal barn or building and can be ordered with a horizontal or vertical roof system.

Metal Carports are quality yet inexpensive solutions to protect your vehicles, equipment, boat, or other outdoor toys. Metal Carports can also be used for patio covers, pool covers, covers for pets or livestock, feed or hay and more. A carport can also be built with an enclosed storage area, with or without a floor. Metal Carports are less expensive to build, fire resistant and don’t rot or get termite infested. Give us a call or send in a quote request. We will help you design and get a fair price for your next metal building. Plus, there are no additional charges for Shipping and Installation either! Call Today! +1 (800) 313-2046 or Click Here to go to the Quote Request Form.

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Standard Roof Carports

Standard Roof Metal Carports - 800-313-2046

Standard Roof Metal Carports

Metal Carports can be used in so many ways. Such as RV Covers, Boat Dock Covers, Pool & Patio Covers, even for pet or livestock shade! Got any idea? Click Here To See More Standard Roof Style Carports

Horizontal A-Frame Carports

Horizontal A-Frame Metal Carports 800-313-2046

Horizontal A-Frame Metal Carports

This Horizontal A-Frame Carport is being used as a picnic table cover. Carports are so versatile. Click Here To See More Horizontal A-Frame Carports

Vertical A-Frame Carports

Vertical A-Frame Metal Carports 800-313-2046

Vertical A-Frame Metal Carports

Vertical A-Frame Roofs have the best weather runoff capabilities and are stronger because of the added hat channel used for vertical roof panel support. Click Here To See More Vertical A-Frame Carports 

Hexigon Roof Carports

Hexagon Roof Metal Carports 800-313-2046

Hexagon Roof Metal Carports

The customer that ordered this Hexagon Roof Carport also added closed sides to it. Click Here To See More Hexagon Roof Barns

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