Loafing Sheds

Loafing Sheds are great to protect your livestock from the sun and inclement weather. You can order these sheds with a Standard Roof (most economical), or a Vertical A-Frame Roof which is better in areas that have a lot of wet weather. You can also add a Kick Wall, a Front Brow over the open area and even a Tack Room.

Here are some Loafing Sheds that have been ordered and installed.

12x12x8 Loafing Shed

12x12x8 Loafing Shed

40x12x8 loafing shed tack

40x12x8 Loafing Shed with Tack Room and Kickwall

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30x12x8 Loafing Shed

30x12x8 Loafing Shed

18x35x8 Loafing Shed - tack room

18x35x8 Loafing Shed with Tack Room

20x30x8 Loafing Shed

20x30x8 Loafing Shed – We do not supply fake shutters. The owner installed those.