Hexagon Roof Barn

Hexagon Roof Barns are a traditional looking barn from the past. You can order these barns with Horizontal panels on barns up to 31′ long. If the barn is to be longer than 31′ then Vertical panels are recommended because overlapping Horizontal panels end to end may allow leakage. Horizontal is cheaper, but vertical has better run off with minimum retention.

Here are some Hexagon Roof Barns that have been ordered in the past.

30x41 Hexagon Roof Barns (800) 313-4026

30’W x 41’D | Hexagon Roof Barn With Lean-To (WARNING – The roof panels run horizontally and overlap end to end and may leak. Vertical roof panels would be a better choice.)

26x21 Hexagon Roof Barns (800) 313-4026

26’W x 21’D  Hexagon Roof Barn With Lean-To

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