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B. L. O. G.

Acronym for Bawling Lots Of Gab


bawl - bôl - verb - shout or call out noisily and unrestrainedly. "Move!” bawled the drill sergeant"

gab - verb - talking, typically at length, about trivial matters. "Franny walked right past a woman gabbing on the phone"

Bad Marketing

Ugly, Bad, and Good Marketing

Our advice is short and sweet:

  • Get rid of the Ugly
  • Improve the Bad
  • Keep the Good

3 Marketing Companies Fired In 2 Years

Over a period of two years, we hired and fired three marketing companies, ThinkIT, Marketing360, and 3D Cart. I prefer not to go into great detail about why they were not a good fit for us.

So in summary, all three set our level of expectations during consultation/sales meetings. They gave us a price that they said would get us an ROI on their services. They under-delivered on their commitments and then had the gall to say that we were not paying them enough to reach the levels we expected.

Whoa, hold your horses, you thieving rustlers! As I said, they set the level of our expectations and the price that they would deliver on. What we wanted we got, a fair price for what they said that they could deliver. Then they broke our trust by under-delivering. That is what bad, ugly marketing looks like.

New Startup Company Delivers

The company we are using now is It is a startup that my business partner, William Wells, has started for two reasons.

  1. To take over growing American Steel CarportSales from a local sales lot to a national brand.
  2. His first love is helping businesses grow. In most of his consulting experience, the improvements that made the biggest change in profitability was fixing marketing and sales problems. 

His work here at American Steel Carport Sales will focus on reaching our goals to grow nationally.

  • First Goal: build out and improve the website, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and any other valuable social media accounts
  • Second Goal: To increase sales by 900% which will equal about $3 million in sales
    • Target Date: First 12 months or so
  • Third Goal:  Continue growing nationally by about 3,900% or $12 million in annual sales. Very doable target because that is what our top five competitors are doing.
    • Target Date: Second 12 months or so. The last competitor to break the top five ranks did it in 1 ½ years. So we know this is doable also

These are our goals, and as they say, “In a perfect world, blah, blah, blah.” Well, this is not a perfect world, but these are our goals. So what if it takes 2-3-4 years. It is doable, and the chase is on!

Good Marketing

William has been an independent business consultant for years. He has been the guy that businesses hire to swoop in and save their troubled business. William has also launched and sold a couple of businesses, created a non-profit association of engineers and draftsmen, created a Christian ministry to serve the elderly at elder care facilities.

William has the marketing and entrepreneurial business expertise to launch a successful marketing agency. Many of his previous clients are on his waiting list.

William knows that too many marketing companies are too big and have too many under-skilled and uninformed workers. That is the problem we ran into with the companies we tried to use; one hand did not know what the other was doing.

William already has a waiting list for his services, and he hasn’t even opened the doors to take on new clients yet. His website, still says, “Coming Soon!” But when that page comes down, he will be open for business, and you can try to get on his waiting list.

  • Ron Clark, Partner, American Steel Carport Sales