About Us

About American Steel Carport Sales – We know our clients have many options to choose from when looking for metal carports and buildings. They can feel safe and secure knowing that when they purchase a metal carport or building from us, your family and property will be protected. We have been in business serving our local and national clients for over 10-years. We have the experience and the newbie dealers don’t.


About Our Metal Structures – We not only have the products our clients want, but we have a large service area and work with the best manufacturers to get our clients quality metal carports and metal buildings at the best price. Our service area is always expanding, so if we are not in your neighborhood now, check back soon. We work with manufacturers and distributors nationwide to bring you the products you want at a price you can afford.

Design Specialists

About The Best Steel Building Design Specialists – In addition to our exceptional products, we have some of the best Steel Building Design Specialists in the industry. Our dedicated team can answer any questions about our diverse product line and help our clients customize any structure they need. We focus on educating our customers so that they can pick the right structure at the right price.


About A Career With Us – Want to learn how you can benefit from our years of experience and relationships with manufacturers and others in the industry? We have worked with many in the field to help our current affiliates grow. Contact us today for more information on the opportunities to partner with us.

Striving To Be #1

About Being #1 In The Industry – We are always striving to be the number one source for metal buildings and related products. With the full range of products offered, and almost unlimited customizable options, why shop anywhere else? From the Products buying guides to the dedicated customer service, American Steel Carport Sales is the only place you need to go for all your carport and metal building needs.

The Owners

Ron and William


Ron Clark


Ron Clark - Partner - American Steel Carport SalesRon grew up in Wichita Falls, TX. and eventually owned and operated several businesses in construction, nightclubs, real estate rentals, and he even did a stint as an insurance adjuster, traveling and inspecting storm ravished areas.

Currently owns and operates, Texoma Sprint Kart Racing, Texoma T-n-T Metal Buildings, and is a partner with William in American Steel Carport Sales. Together they are launching this website and are on target to be one of the big internet players in the steel carports and buildings industry.

William Wells


William Wells - Partner - American Steel Carport SalesWilliam’s hometown is Wichita Falls, TX but he is less familiar with his hometown that he is with Rantual Illinois, Pensacola Florida,  Wichita Kansas, because his dad spent 20 years in the Air Force.

William himself gave 3 years of military service as a Chaplain Assistant in the Army. Later owning and operating businesses in construction, remodeling, engineering services, marketing and desktop publishing, and business consulting. William is credited with saving a number of small businesses, and a church from financial ruin. Proper marketing and also product or service diversification were the keys to their salvation.

Now William has partnered with Ron to launch American Steel Carport Sales and they are on target to break into the top ten list of Metal Carport Dealerships.

William is also starting a marketing consulting firm because that is what he is best at. Since 1996, his body of work has several threads that bind his successes together. But one skill stands out even today. Marketing is the thread that binds. Visit William at www.WilliamWellsMarketing.com.

Remote Sales Opportunity

Metal Building Specialist

We are always looking for more people that we can train as Steel Building Specialists. It is a remote sales position and you can work from anywhere. (Well Almost)  Contact us at 800-313-2046 and ask for Ron or William.