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Steel Buildings Versus Other Building Materials

Our customers believe that steel buildings are superior to wood buildings and they use them for a wide variety of purposes. It is no wonder since metal buildings offer more significant benefits than virtually any other conventional construction material. Why do they choose steel? Here is what a couple of my customers from church told me.

Billy N. owns a ranch near Henrietta, Texas. He breaks and trains horses for show and riding stock and runs a few head of cattle. Billy has both wood and metal agricultural buildings on his ranch. Here is why he likes Metal Buildings the best.

I like the Low Maintenance of steel buildings. Metal buildings are easier to maintain and clean than other structures made of wood or brick. While my wood buildings need to be repainted periodically, I have never needed to repaint a metal building. In fact, the paint warranty guarantees against peeling, fading, chalking, or cracking.

Metal buildings are very Energy Efficient when you use the proper insulation. I save money on heating and cooling when I use closed-cell spray-on foam insulation where animals live and a high R, vapor and radiant barrier insulation in my other buildings. Steel buildings are very Durable too. They don’t rot like wood and can stand up to constant use and intense weather conditions from storms and even seismic events. Thanks to fracking, we seem to experience a lot more earthquakes than in years past.

Metal buildings are Pest Resistant. Steel is not susceptible to termites, wood ants, and other destructive pests. It seems I have to fight these pests every year in my wood buildings. Steel is Fire Resistant and not too vulnerable to fire hazards. Over the years, I have had small fires get started in both a wood barn and a metal barn. Once the fire started burning the wood structure, we couldn’t stop the fire, and the wood barn was destroyed. The fire in the metal barn was put out quickly because it didn’t have enough combustible materials to burn. True, the fire did damage some metal siding and framing, but the small amount of metal that was damaged is a lot cheaper to replace than a whole barn is.

I save money on insurance too! Metal buildings are Less Expensive to Insure here in Texas. At least it is in my county. I don’t know about other places. But my agent said it is because of metals superior strength and durability, as well as its resistance to fire and other natural disasters. Bottom-line, my insurance costs are less on my steel buildings versus the wood ones.

Like wood, metal buildings are Customizable – All the buildings I have ordered from American Steel Carport Sales were custom-designed to fit my wants and needs. The salespeople there are trained to focus on the Customer’s Needs First. I like that. Those guys will tell you about less expensive options that can Save You Money. I’m not used to that! I mean everywhere you go, salespeople are trying to upsell you so THEY can get a higher commission. Not the guys at American Steel Carport Sales.

Case-in-point,  I wanted to order four loafing sheds for grazing areas in the back-forty. Some of my ranch is for show, but most of it is a working ranch. We raise horses, but we have cattle too. So this sales rep suggested that I save a few bucks and buy four standard carports with three closed walls instead.  His reasoning was, “Since these loafing sheds are going to be located in out of sight locations, why go with the fancy looking run-in sheds?” He was right! Even though I run a high-end operation, and my customers expect to see a fancy ranch, why spend extra money whenever I don’t need too? I know good advice when I hear it.

Pastor Frank W.  a church pastor and a part-time car mechanic.

Wow! Billy said it all! So my story is going to be short and sweet, unlike some of my sermons. (We all chuckled over the Pastor’s quip.)

When I decided to build a 30x50 shop behind my house, I noticed the cost of wood buildings and metal buildings were very comparable for structures the size I wanted. I decided to ask Billy if he had an opinion on what I should buy. As you can tell from his testimony, he knows what works best. So I purchased a steel building from American Steel Carport Sales, because, in the long run, metal buildings are Less Expensive To Own And Maintain.

Can I get an “Amen” on that? (Again we laughed with Pastor Frank 😉)