Website Reconstruction In Progress

We apologize to our customers and our visitors for our messy reconstruction. Running a business is not for the faint of heart. Scammers and shysters are everywhere. Even in marketing companies. Funny, that sounds like a title to a country song. Scammers & Schysters Stole The Ranch.

Reconstruction and Breaking Bad Marketing At this time, we are in the process of reconstructing our website. Due to several disappointing and expensive experiences with four different “bad” marketing companies, we decided to take our website back and do it in-house. We tried different marketing companies because they were supposed to be the SEO and Marketing Experts. The problem was, they all went only so far with the new set-up and then said they needed more money to accomplish our goals. That is an unethical business practice.

They did a little work and said we are not getting results because we needed to spend more money on marketing. NOOO! WRONG! They need to deliver on what they promise FIRST and then tell us we could get MORE if we up our budget. I guess they never heard the phrase – Over Deliver. They certainly knew how to under-deliver and break their contracts. I say “break their contracts” because they didn’t deliver what they said they would provide in the contract.

Our answer to dishonest marketing companies is to keep our website and marketing in-house. That is why we are doing website reconstruction. But in order to build a great, well-ranked website, we have to learn all the skills required to do SEO, SEM, PPC, Adwords, Facebook Ads, and a whole alphabet soup of other skills and knowledge so we can build and support a well-ranked website that will serve our customers well.

One thing is for sure, we are learning a lot, and we are becoming experts in Marketing and SEO. We are even consulting colleagues and associates because we already know more than they do. I am seriously thinking of putting together a team of expert technicians and opening up my own marketing consulting agency. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? An honest marketing company 😉

Thanks for reading about our woes. Now make us happy and buy something. LOL

May Our Customers & Friends Be Richly Blessed.

William Wells

A budding star of internet marketing  😉