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Customers from across the nation have shared their photos and testimonies.

Here are a few of the custom jobs we have done.


Garage & Workshop

Jose R. is a mechanic at his local car dealership. He also does work on the side, weather permitting. He looked at his options, stick built, concrete block, metal buildings, etc. The cheapest route was to go with steel and have foam insulation sprayed inside.
Garage 20x26x9 AFV

Jose tells us,

"My neighbor as some heavy equipment and I do work for him sometimes. As a favor, he came over with his dozer and made me a level spot for my garage. My amigos and me, we poured and finished the slab.

Jose adds,

"David, over at American Steel, he answered all my questions and ordered my garage for me. My garage was delivered on this cool custom trailer with two or three other jobs on it. The installers had my building up and finished in less than four hours. Now all I need is to get it insulated with foam."
Garage 20x26x9 AFV #2


Garage Workshop | 20 Wide x26 Long x 9 High | 10x8 Roll-Up Door | 36x80 Walk-In Door | Two 30x30 Windows | 14 gauge steel square tube framing | 29 gauge siding | All Earth Brown in color

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Horsing Around


Tom and Jerry F. (yes their real names) bought 60 acres and they plan on having a couple of horses, a few cows, and some chickens.
Barn 10x31x12-AFV-12G-2-1024x576

Tom says,

" I was raised on an 800-acre ranch. To d*nm much work. That is why I studied architecture instead of agriculture. I have a nice little business as an architect and now I have my hobby farm. Next Jerry and I will start working on making some babies."
Barn 10x31x12-AFV-12G-1-1024x576

Jerry adds,

"We met in college, then after we graduated, we got married. We have been putting off starting a family for years so we could pay cash for a place like this. Here is our first barn, a neighbor dug us a couple of ponds, now Tom and I need to stretch some fences section off this place. Plus, we are ready to start a family now. I'm looking forward to raising my own little Cowboys and Indians."
Barn 10x31x12-AFV-12G-5-1024x576


Breeze-Way Barn | Middle Section 10' wide x 31' long x 12' tall | 2 Lean-Toos 12' wide x 31' long x 8' Wall | A-Frame Vertical Roof | Colors: White Roof and Trim, Red Walls | 12 gauge framing - 29 gauge sheet metal

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Shoot From Cover

Custom Built

This shooting range added two 24'x80'x9' to shelter the shooters during target practice. Do you need a Unique Custom Building? Give us a call and we will have our engineers quote it for you.
24x80x9 12 gauge framing

12-Gauge Framing

The building has been pre-fabbed for fast assembly by the installers. The customer upgraded to 12 gauge framing for the added durability and 20-Year Warranty.
Roof Framing

29-Gauge Siding

The siding color is Pebble Beige and the trim is Earth Brown. All sheet metal is 29 gauge steel which is about 0.36 millimeters thick and is our industry's standard. The customer considered upgrading to 26-gauge for the added thickness but decided it wasn't worth the additional cost. 26-gauge sheet metal is a Custom Order and is slightly thicker at 0.48 millimeters.

Up In A Day

The 3-man installation crew put two of these up in one day. Don't be impressed ;-) Our buildings are pre-fabbed at the factory. It isn't built from scratch on site. The installers pick up the pre-fab kit and go to the installation site and assemble the components true and square.
24x80x9 end view

Big Or Small

We Do Them All


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Extra Storage

Utility Carport

Loren and Phillip C. were trying to decide if they wanted a carport and a shed or maybe a garage instead. Then our sales consultant showed them some Utility Carports which is the concept of combining a utility room with a carport. They thought that was a great idea!
Carport-Storage Comb #2

Loren said,

" Now maybe Philip with get his toys, tools, and junk out of the yard."

Utility Carports are the logical solution when you are looking for that perfect storage space. While their traditional use is for things like extra vehicles, or lawn and gardening equipment, our Utility Carports uses are endless. Do you engage in a hobby or craft? Is your passion for such things taking over your home? Or do you need extra space for holiday decorations? With a Utility Carport for storage, you can have all your treasured items protected, organized, and within arm’s reach.

Carport-Storage Combo #3


Utility Carport with Aframe Vertical Roof | 18x36x7 | 18x10 Utility Room built in | 6x7 Roll-Up Door | 36x72 Walk-In Dppr | Framing 14 gauge steel square tube | Sheet Metal 29 gauge | Colors: Pebble Beige with Pewter Gray trim


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Fancy RV Cover

RV Cover

When they park that Motor Home in this Fancy RV Cover, it will look like a colonial porch with pillars. Sweeet! This Sweetheart is 22' wide x 51' long x 12' tall. It is all steel construction with 12 gauge framing and 29 gauge siding and roof. It is Pebble Beige with Earth Brown trim.

James tells us

We spared no expense on this RV Cover. I wanted it to look good and be strong. I want it to last a long time.
Sally Says

Sandra says

Including His mom and dad, we have several family members with motorhomes. Sometimes we convoy, other times we meet up somewhere. Sometimes someone comes here and stays a week or two or three. LOL. What we wanted is a nice place for them to park and have a little shaded private area. When no one is using it, we'll store our motorhome there.


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Big Storage!

This 40' wide x 31' long x 12' high warhouse has a 1,240 square feet of floor space and 14,880 cubic feet of storage. 10x10 Roll-Up Door is big enough for fork lifts and most trucks. 12-Gauge Framing with 26-Gauge Siding and Roof. Barn Red walls White Roof and Trim.
12 Gauge Steel Framing

12-Gauge Steel

Engineered for strength.
40x31x12 Warhouse

Got'er Done

Finished, tools loaded, site cleaned up before the sun set.


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